About BraveMaker

BraveMaker exists to elevate brave voices for justice, diversity and inclusion.

Supporting the Artist's Calling

Artists and storytellers are prophets, creative forces in our world that speak to our need for justice, beauty, diversity, equality and spirituality. This is a painstakingly difficult calling. We are here to support and elevate these voices.

We curate and make provocative, life changing media that creates meaningful culture impacting experiences. We not only want to entertain but to incite dialogue, awareness and bravely shape our culture. We believe in the power of story relayed through films and we want to empower others who have these same aspirations.
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Meet the Team

Founder & Executive Director

Tony Gapastione

Tony is a husband, father and filmmaker. He founded BraveMaker as a non-profit film arts organization to mentor, support and elevate brave voices through film and create space for transforming community conversations. His life is all about telling stories and collaborating with storytellers. He and his wife, three daughters and their Labradoodle, Cubby, live in Redwood City. Want to become a BraveMaker donor? Contact him. Want to make a movie, host a film screening or learn to write? DM!
Festival Red Carpet Host + Ambassador

Priscilla Lam

Priscilla Lam, Bay Area native, has appeared in commercials, films and television shows. Even with several years in the industry, she keeps a great growth mindset. She studied Meisner Technique at Empower House Acting Studio and started Bay Area collective: 11th Hour Creatives, making short films in collaboration with talented casts and crew.
Fest Programmer/Curator




Producer & Fest Progammer

Jessica Musgrave

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia/Animation at Cal State East Bay in Hayward, Jessica quickly began her filmmaking journey gravitating toward the work of a producer. She has a true passion for bringing stories to life through film. Her experience also includes storyboarding, casting, animation, and production coordination/management. She currently produces with BraveMaker Media doing films, podcasts and film festivals. She resides in the Bay Area with her husband and daughter.
Marcellus, Information Technologist
Information Technology Systems Analyst & Technician


Marcellus, is an adventurer, a continual learner, a bicyclist, an advocate for social impact, and an actor and filmmaker. He supports BraveMaker with information technology infrastructure to keep organized, and on set as an actor and crew member to bring our pictures with potential to life. His hometown is Richmond, CA, and you can catch him around cars, planes, good music, plant-based food, teaching financial literacy, and connecting with people. A few film favorites: Star Wars, Heat, Training Day, the Ozark series, and the Power series.

Live Show Producer

Amy Cohen

Amy is a producer and researcher with a passion for the arts and showcasing brave stories. New to the film industry, she loves being involved with all aspects of production, such as script supervising and photography. She believes that BraveMaker has the power to change hearts and minds, and is honored to be on the team as the podcast producer. As a University of Rochester graduate, she’s had extensive experience in event planning and working in TV/radio ratings at places such as Disney and Nielsen Media Ratings. Amy has hopes to soon create her own films featuring brave stories. She loves watching "General Hospital" and "Friends" with her family. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, daughter, and dog, but hopes to make California her permanent residence in the near future.


Social Media Producer

Kerri Alley

Kerri is a filmmaker based out of Grand Rapids, MI who has a passion for producing projects that give those without a voice a platform. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Video Production, she freelanced as an editor, camera operator, and producer. Since then she’s had the opportunity to be a wardrobe assistant for a feature film, and work with some incredible artists. In her spare time she loves to be outdoors, travel, find a local coffee shop, and immerse herself in movies and tv shows. After interning for Tony while she was in college, she’s thrilled to work again with him and the BraveMaker team to grow in her craft.
Podcast Editor

Barnell Amos

Barnell is an Audio Engineer and Photographer based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He is the founder of Speak Media Services and  has been working in audio for over ten years and photography for a little over six years. He loves to work with his clients and help produce podcasts. He enjoys helping others to accomplish their goals of being heard.
Film Fest Audience Support & Content Creator

Diquan Richard

Diquan is an actor, director, producer, and content creator from East Palo Alto, California. He produces online shows for social media, in hopes to help motivate and inspire people to chase after their dreams and aspirations, by hearing from professionals in their respected fields. Diquan is committed to learn more about filming, and how to apply what he learns to the everyday use of his iPhone, proving that you don’t need much to tell a brave story. Diquan attends San Francisco State University studying for his Master’s in Education, Equity and Social Justice, with the hopes to one day effectively teach what he’s learned to underserved, and marginalized communities worldwide as a global humanitarian.

Our Board of Directors

Adrienne De Santis

Adrienne De Santis is a tech executive with a strong track record of leading and building high-performing operations teams. Adrienne is an experienced actor and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is excited to continue to feed her passion for film and making movies.

Instagram: @adesantis9  | Email:

Keren Southall

Keren (board member and producer) is an American Actress, dancer, model, entrepreneur and mental health advocate. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she began her film and commercial acting career at a young age, with the opportunities of working with Pixar, Apple, Visa, Stanford, and Coca Cola. Keren’s passions for the arts are accompanied by her love for breaking the stigmas of mental health within her community. She's spent the past 5 years working with Pro Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, and Children of all ages to help push past their mental limitations to succeed in their physical accomplishments. She speaks on behalf of BraveMaker and uses her skills to curate and create our film work.

Instagram: @kerensouth | Email:

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our Sponsors, Partners, and Grantors

Celebrating Diversity. Celebrating You.

BraveMaker celebrates diversity and aspires to help foster justice and inclusion across communities through guided discussions and powerful authentic storytelling.

The world needs us to share brave stories. Making, discussing and applying art can be one of the bravest acts of our lives. 

Are you a filmmaker? Do you have a brave story to tell? Let us help. The world needs a brave maker like you.

Do you love the arts and believe in their power to influence and shape culture? Great! So do we. We invite you to please donate today. Partner with us and invest in making brave films that lead to transforming conversations that effect change in our culture.

BraveMaker's mission is to invest in filmmakers and coach creators to tell their stories and gather audiences to engage in essential conversations and explore life's meaningful questions.

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