These are the BraveMaker values and team expectations.
  • BraveMaker values the film arts as one of the most powerful mediums to create change in culture.
  • BraveMaker values diverse, brave voices and perspectives on all sides of the camera and production process.
  • We value forward thinking, integrity, authenticity, quick and respectful communication with a high value on innovative and swift problem solving.
  • BraveMaker thrives on creativity, compassion, second chances, truth telling and learning from our failures so that we might make the world a better, more equitable place for al through the arts.
  • At BraveMaker, within our teams, productions, and partnerships: there is no tolerance for racism, sexual harassment, homophobia, or any disrespectful treatment of any group of people, our teammates, clients, vendors, volunteers, and/or audience members. Such behavior is grounds for possible removal and severing of relationships.
  • With love and optimism for a better and more creative future for all.
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