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Live Chat with Julie Dove

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Live Chat with Julie Dove

September 21, 2022 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm PDT

September 21, 2022 @ 4:00 pm 5:00 pm PDT

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I was born in the small town of Princeton, Texas January 6, 1970. I’m a proud liberal voter and when I fondly remember our last Texas Democratic Governor Ann Richards.

My first acting role was in third grade as the American Doll in my school play The Santa Clause Express.

I knew I wanted to be an actress since age 13.

When I was 13, I also became obsessed with daytime soaps when my dad died. They were my way to escape reality. I started writing fan letters to soap stars and many of them wrote me back.

I grew up vowing to be on a soap opera. I shot a great role on days of ours lives in December 2021 that was supposed to air in May 2022 and my scene got cut. I made some fun posts about this on my Facebook and Instagram account including a day on days video diary.

I went to college at Texas A&M commerce and was too scared to follow my dream of being an actor so I became a high school and junior high drama teacher.

After three years, I left teaching to go to seminary at Southern Methodist University. Then while working part-time at a radio station I decided I wanted to be in music business doing marketing and promotion. I thought if I helped other people follow their dreams of performing it would fulfill mine. I moved to Nashville in 1996 and began working in country music.

I’ve been married twice – both in my 20s. When my second husband left me in 1999 I had the opportunity to start life over again I made a promise to become the working actor I always wanted to be.

I moved to LA December 26, 2001 with my music business job. I started auditioning for commercials in 2002. I’ve only booked one that didn’t air!

I left my full time music biz job in 2003 and have had every kind of crazy job you can have from barista, personal assistant, nanny, Lyft driver, etc. i even did some fun part-time music biz gigs including going on tour for 10 weeks with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in 2007 a their VIP Radio Liason.

It was a long time after 2003 before acting jobs started. I didn’t book my first theatrical job until August 2011. It was Happy Endings! I’ve been working in TV/film since.

I dabbled in VO through work in radio and did a small role on a canceled show called Creature Comforts USA. I never could get a VO agent until

2020 after booking 1 episode of S1 Birdgirl. I’m a excited S2 had me back in every episode and my character Jessica From Accounting had some really fun moments in this season.

I live in North Hollywood with my dog Chula. In addition to my acting career I own an editng business called and I dabble in graphic design. In my spare time I volunteer for organizations that help our homeless community as I myself lived without permanent housing moving 13 times from October 2019 – October 2020.

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