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BraveMaker Monthly Film Screening Event

Did you know we are back to monthly film events?

Friday April 12th: Film Screening 6:30pm at BraveMaker HQ

Saturday May 11th: Talent Showcase 6:30pm at BraveMaker HQ

Tuesday May 28th: Mixer 6:30pm @ Coffeebar Redwood City

Friday April 12th, 2024

Join us for one short narrative film before the feature length documentary with discussion.
Directed by Lisa Cole
Inspired by true events, and shot on location at LAX International Airport, "Bienvenidos a Los Angeles" follows Imani, a Nigerian single mother living in Los Angeles, who offers to help a perfect stranger reunite with her son. In doing so, Imani learns this simple act of kindness threatens to jeopardize her path to citizenship.
This short film was shortlisted for the 2024 Academy Awards

THE 50 (91 minutes)
Directed by Brenton Gieser
While serving life sentences in a dangerously overcrowded and drug-saturated prison system, 50 men embark on a radical journey to become some of the first incarcerated Substance Abuse Counselors in the country.

Doors open at 6pm FRIDAY April 12th.
Film program starts promptly at 6:30pm which includes a question and response time with the filmmakers.
BraveMaker is HQ'd at Sequoia Church in Redwood City and has a cinema quality screen, projector and AV system. We do not offer any concessions at this time, so just like when you go to the movie theaters---feel free to sneak in your own snacks
Parking is in the large parking lot found at 1840 Harding Ave/Cross St Topaz St.

BraveMaker is 501c3 Charitable, nonprofit organization. Your ticket purchase helps support independent artists and filmmakers as well as empower our film and community work centered on justice, diversity and inclusion.

We believe these films are suitable for 13+
Viewer discretion is advised.
Some films may have strong language, adult themes and/or depict violence.
Audience members /ticket holders that do not arrive 15 minutes before show time may not be guaranteed seating.
BraveMaker is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
**Please note: All ticket selections are final and cannot be changed or refunded. **

Consent to Record

By entering these premises you give permission for BraveMaker Media to videotape, audiotape, photograph, record, edit or otherwise reproduce your voice, image or likeness, and to use it in various formats and for the purposes commissioned by BraveMaker Media for promotions and media distribution. Media methods may include, but are not limited to the television (broadcast, cable, and satellite), the Internet (including webcasts and podcasts), print publications, film fests, or any other medium now existing or later created. BraveMaker Media retains the right not to use the footage for other than archival purposes.

Attending this event on these premises you assign and convey to BraveMaker all right, title and interest that you may have in and to any recording made under this consent.

By entrance in this venue you give total release of rights irrevocably so that BraveMaker Media may, without limitation, exercise all ownership rights including copyrights relating to the recording(s) on behalf of BraveMaker.

Rashmi Rustagi

Actress from BIENVENIDOS A LOS ANGELES will be in attendance!

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Friday April 12th, 2024 @ 6:30pm

Parking at 1840 Harding Ave

Redwood City, Ca 9062

Buy Tickets $22
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