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BraveMaker fiscally sponsors and supports brave storytellers in bringing their films to life. Fiscal sponsorship entails filmmaker advocacy, mentoring and production support in every phase of the filmmaker and film's life. Fiscal sponsorship also allows each filmmaker to raise tax-deductible funds from their supporters and patrons. Selected filmmakers receive financial bookkeeping support to track their donations and expenses. Fiscal sponsorship is key to applying for film grants, corporate sponsors
and high level donors.

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Lost, Not Forgotten

Lost, Not Forgotten is a short film by Sean Patrick Small.

High school senior fills the void of his abandoned father with drugs and alcohol until the crumbling of his world forces him to break the endless cycle of addiction. Shane, a high school senior, is in a cycle of drugs, alcohol, and running from the people that are willing to show him love. He is just skating by in school, smart enough to go places but not wanting to put in the work, and is lost in a world where he doesn't want to figure out who he is. He doesn't want to figure that out, but he's scared he is like his father, who left him for drugs and alcohol, and he doesn't see the parallels of this until his life crumbles around him and he realizes he has to be the one to determine his own fate and break this cycle.
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Sweet Santa Barbara Brown

In the Reagan era of 1983, a group of famous pro basketball players stroll through sunny Santa Barbara. Amidst the warm rays of the sun and the indulgence of ice cream, tensions arise among teammates, fueled by their divergent perspectives on progress for black people in America.

Meanwhile flawed decisions made by local police officers set in motion events that will thrust the men into a scenario where they will face lethal consequences. This short film, "Sweet Santa Barbara Brown," explores the collision of race, celebrity, and life-or-death choices against the backdrop of a picturesque beach town.

Producer/writer Solomon Hughes is an actor from HBO's Winning Time about the Los Angeles Lakers.
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This new musical by Zak Sandler, takes us inside the brain of aspiring musician Marc, as his Voice of Impulsiveness and Voice of Caution - voices we all have - help him navigate life. When a new voice appears and sends Marc spiraling out of control, he must decide whether to push it away or embrace it as part of who he is. This original musical takes an unprecedented look at mental conditions, creativity, and how we learn to accept the most vulnerable parts of ourselves.. Read more at
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Art of Survival

On February 24th, tens of thousands had to flee their homes and Ukraine found itself in a war for more than just their land and lives, but for their cultural heritage. Museums faced a dilemma: how to secure and keep safe thousands of art pieces that were unique to Ukraine? Oleksandra Kovalchuk, Acting Director for Odesa Museum of Fine Arts, was one of those that fled to safety, a mid-30's new mom who was determined to rally support for each and every museum desperate to find resources to pack and secure each piece. But then where to store it? Where to hide it from an invading army with intents on eliminating all that makes Ukraine its own country?Oleksandra united the museum workers and organized an incredible international endeavor to save all the art she can, all while her country is under siege. Since the beginning of the war, they’ve managed to channel funds for more than 40 art institutions in Ukraine. From Kiev to Odesa, this documentary film follows six brave women who brought together international partners to keep the dreams and hopes of Ukraine alive in their darkest hour: "Art of Survival: Ukraine's Battle to Save Their Cultural Heritage."

Watch the trailer here.
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Mr. Bovine

Mr. Bovine is an animated short film, from the mind of Keisha Brooks, that tells the story of a cow who turns into a human. Once in human form, Buddy's eyes are opened to the harsh realities of the world around him. When he joins the fight for animal rights with a group of radical protestors, Buddy discovers human life is more complicated than he imagined. Mr. Bovine's script is complete and fundraising is in action to put the animation team and cast together in 2023.
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Mr. Bovine Film

La Última Memoria

Inspired by the passing of his grandmother, “La Última Memoria” is a story based on filmmaker Felipe Barandiaran's grandmother's fight with Alzheimer’s. “La Última Memoria” is a narrative short film about Mamina holding on to her final memory of her and her daughter. In the short film, we take a deep dive into how she attempts to grasp this final memory as her mind deteriorates shown through beautiful visuals. “La Última Memoria” is currently in pre-production with plans for production fall of 2023.
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Ball is Ball

Inspired by the life experience of writer/director Kayla Robinson, Ball is Ball is a narrative short film about the lasting impact and complicated nuances of sexual assault. The story follows Robin Coleman, a high school basketball star who’s caught the attention of her dream college — and her crush. While sharing the excitement, she misplaces her trust in a friend and soon learns the ill-intention of another unsuspected admirer. Ball is Ball premiered at the BraveMaker Film Fest in 2022 and is currently screening at film festivals and educational institutions. Learn more at:
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Ball Is Ball


Glimpse is a digital series (by Alexander Gonzalez, Katherine Mendez and Renato Paniagua Jr.) that showcases perspectives from everyday people of diverse cultures, genders, and backgrounds within a specific career field so that young people can feel inspired and empowered to pursue their dreams fearlessly in a fun and captivating format. Glimpse has completed its first episode and has a second in the works. Watch EPISODE ONE.
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A documentary chronicling the individual battles and personal victories of three women who are or were Pregnant on the Streets in the San Francisco Bay Area. Without a home, they desperately desire to raise their children in a safe and healthy environment. We come to witness the struggle of their lives but also the possibilities for redemption and a hopeful future. Produced by Rebel Monk Production and directed by Laura Ferro, the documentary is currently in production in 2022.-2023.
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This short, live-action narrative, directorial debut film is inspired by the real life personal experience of the writer/director’s gambling addiction. The Scarlet Thread is about an esteemed high school teacher who harbors a secret that isolates her in shame until she is forced to confront the conflict within herself. Written + to be Directed by Terri Smith. Filmed July 2020 during the Covid pandemic, completed post-production in early 2021, had it's online premier June 2021 and is now available to watch on our Youtube channel.
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A feature length documentary about the Mississippi Delta town of Clarksdale exploring the tensions of black film spectatorship during segregation through the stories of a defunct movie house. Drawing upon memories of Jim Crow’s harsh realities and its toll on black movie-goers, family and friends foster a sense of belonging and community around the New Roxy Theater. Directed by Daryl B. Jones, Black Leaf Films. Currently set to be in production summer 2023.
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Our first fiscally sponsored project came to us in early 2019. The short, animated, narrative film MADINA PAPEL is created and directed by a team of women. Madina Papel seeks to tell the story of a city made of paper. When one citizen returns to the homeland, marked with the spectrum of colors, they are faced with their family's wrath as they struggle to accept this new reality within the colorless city walls. Directed by Eun Bi Chang, Story by Samah Damanhoori. The film was completed in 2021 and after a film festical circuit can be watched online.
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