Fiscal Sponsees

BraveMaker fiscally sponsors and supports brave storytellers in bringing their films to life. Fiscal sponsorship entails filmmaker mentoring and production support in every phase of the film's progress which also allows each filmmaker to raise tax-deductible funds from their supporters.

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La Última Memoria

Inspired by the passing of his grandmother, “La Última Memoria” is a story based on filmmaker Felipe Barandiaran's grandmother's fight with Alzheimer’s. “La Última Memoria” is a narrative short film about Mamina holding on to her final memory of her and her daughter. In the short film, we take a deep dive into how she attempts to grasp this final memory as her mind deteriorates shown through beautiful visuals. “La Última Memoria” is currently in pre-production.
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Ball is Ball

Inspired by the life experience of writer/director Kayla Robinson, Ball is Ball is a narrative short film about the lasting impact and complicated nuances of sexual assault. The story follows Robin Coleman, a high school basketball star who’s caught the attention of her dream college — and her crush. While sharing the excitement, she misplaces her trust in a friend and soon learns the ill-intention of another unsuspected admirer. Ball is Ball is currently in post-production.
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Ball Is Ball


Glimpse is a digital series (by Alexander Gonzalez, Katherine Mendez and Renato Paniagua Jr.) that showcases perspectives from everyday people of diverse cultures, genders, and backgrounds within a specific career field so that young people can feel inspired and empowered to pursue their dreams fearlessly in a fun and captivating format. Glimpse has completed its first episode and is in post-produciton 2021.
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A documentary chronicling the individual battles and personal victories of three women who are or were Pregnant on the Streets in the San Francisco Bay Area. Without a home, they desperately desire to raise their children in a safe and healthy environment. We come to witness the struggle of their lives but also the possibilities for redemption and a hopeful future. Produced by Rebel Monk Production and directed by Laura Ferro, the documentary is currently in production 2021.
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This short, live-action narrative, directorial debut film is inspired by the real life personal experience of the writer/director’s gambling addiction. The Scarlet Thread is about an esteemed high school teacher who harbors a secret that isolates her in shame until she is forced to confront the conflict within herself. Written + to be Directed by Terri Smith. Filmed July 2020 during the Covid pandemic, completed post-production in early 2021, had it's online premier June 2021 and is now circulating film fests hoping to have in-person screenings soon. 
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A feature length documentary about the Mississippi Delta town of Clarksdale exploring the tensions of black film spectatorship during segregation through the stories of a defunct movie house. Drawing upon memories of Jim Crow’s harsh realities and its toll on black movie-goers, family and friends foster a sense of belonging and community around the New Roxy Theater. Directed by Daryl B. Jones, Black Leaf Films. Currently in pre-production.
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Our first fiscally sponsored project came to us in early 2019. The short, animated, narrative film MADINA PAPEL is created and directed by a team of women. Madina Papel seeks to tell the story of a city made of paper. When one citizen returns to the homeland, marked with the spectrum of colors, they are faced with their family's wrath as they struggle to accept this new reality within the colorless city walls. Directed by Eun Bi Chang, Story by Samah Damanhoori. The film was completed in 2021 and it is now currently doing film festivals. Watch the teaser here.
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