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Pill Me

A BraveMaker Academy project

2023 Film updates

Our short film was written, produced and filmed in April 2023 as a BraveMaker Academy experience.

BraveMaker Academy trains actors by making films.


A wife confronts her husband's adultery with the help of therapist, but she discovers she's a part of a lab experiment in which she didn't consent.

It will be screened in a special viewing at the BraveMaker Film Fest in Redwood City, California.

Saturday July 15th, 2023
Sunday July 16th, 2023 at 3:15pm.

All tickets support our nonprofit. Tickets at the links above.

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BraveMaker Academy trains actors by making films.

Our next 2023 sessions are Wednesdays 9/6-10/11 and 11/1-12/6

If you'd like to become our executive producer on this film to help with post-production costs and film festival submissions contact or see our donate page below.

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Behind the Scenes + Still Photos

Director Statement | Tony Gapastione

In our world filled with virtual experiences, A.I. and hallucinogens--figuring out what is real and what is not can be tricky.
This short plays with inspiration from the Matrix and Stranger Things.

As the Founder of BraveMaker and a writer/director I started the Academy for a couple reasons. I know actors need training and I love working with actor. Classes are super important for growing an actor's craft. But actors also need footage for their reels AND set experience. If the only training an actor has in rehearsing scenes and developing methods in a class, it will not serve them under the real pressure of a set. An actor needs to understand what it feels like to work with a director, a make-up artist, how to navigate around lights and with a camera and blocking under the constraints of a film schedule. That's what I set out to do.

So I started the academy to train actors to act while making films--and not just in a sterile studio environment but on actual sets where they can make a short film and then have that footage that just might help them book other work. And for our first iteration of the Academy, I wrote most of the scripts, so each actor had original material to work with. And for our final short film in the second session, writer/director/actor Christine Weatherup wrote a short and come up from Los Angeles to direct it. We are dreaming big here at BraveMaker Academy.

Acting is not a cheap hobby. Training is an investment. But this is nothing new. Actors have always had to count the cost for their dreams and make it happen to succeed and accomplish their goals. Actors need to spend money on such things as professional headshots, a website, a casting site subscription, gear/lights for at home self tapes, wardrobe and more. This is nothing new, but my hope is that actors see these classes as well worth their investment because we are BraveMaker are serious about making movies, about storytelling and developing meaningful characters. And we are growing and scaling. The dream is to continue to build up the Bay Area acting and production community while also creating partnerships with industry professionals in Los Angeles. It is happening. Any actor who joins us will reap benefits way beyond just an acting class experience.
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