The Bright Side of Social Media (Yes, There Is One)

by | May 9, 2023 | Blog, Producing

Have you ever wondered if anything really good could come from social media? Of course, if you work for a social media company, the answer is yes. I mean without social media, where would you get your paycheck from, what would you do for a living? If you watch the news, you hear a lot about the perils and pitfalls of social media, you worry that your kids will use it too much, (which I occasionally do worry about), or they will find the dark side of it, or who’s behind the bots. There really is a lot to fear when it comes to social media; however, there are also some positive things about it. 

For example, social media may just be one of the best places to form connections with people, both from your past and present. There are also various groups where one can make connections with people with similar interests (I’ve joined a Running group, an Invisalign group, a Moms Demand Action group, and many acting and filmmaking groups). Of course, one can also use social media as a scrapbook of sorts, like posting pictures and videos that are fun to look back on. I personally have used social media for all of these things, and more.

To be honest, Facebook has always been my social media of choice. I signed up for Facebook over 10 years ago, I then added Instagram, and most recently LinkedIn to my social media apps on my devices. Of course, when my daughter was little, Facebook was where I shared cute pictures and videos of her, along with the latest witty remarks she made. As she grew and became passionate about singing and acting, the cute pictures evolved into her musical performances, and promos for the latest show she was in. Then one day I discovered Instagram, and the Cohens all established IG accounts, some of whom are there under aliases, even our puppy Maui has his own account. Pictures and videos flowed freely from my iPhoto library on to my IG and Facebook page ( I mean, where else was I going to save my pictures when my storage was full?), and I suddenly became a master of hashtags, when to use them, and which to use.

Over the years, Facebook for me has also been a place I’ve gone to search for acting classes and auditions for my daughter, as well as a place I’ve looked for work or volunteer opportunities for myself. Just about a year ago, when I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook (yes, occasionally I scroll through Facebook and I honestly don’t even consciously go on, my finger just presses the FB app, and there I am.) Anyway as I was saying, about a year ago, a post caught my eye. It was from the BraveMaker Facebook page, asking if anyone was interested in learning about podcast producing. Hmm, I thought, that could be interesting. I’ve always thought that producing could be in my future, and I do enjoy occasionally listening to a podcast, and I knew that BraveMaker was a film organization, and that was pretty cool, so I sent a direct message to BraveMaker, and asked for more details on this podcast producing thing. Fast forward to a few weeks later, and I was now the Podcast Producer for BraveMaker.

Just recently, I rejoined LinkedIn after about a 10 year hiatus, and this time I’m connecting with folks in the entertainment industry, rather than the legal industry. Long story short, but just look up legal assistant for Ken Cohen, esq., or rather don’t – being my husband’ legal assistant was just a brief stop on my way to my true passion, work in the entertainment business. Speaking of, if anyone reading this knows anybody in the business, and wants to help me out, please feel free to Facebook message, Instagram message, or LinkedIn message me, or contact me on your preferred social media, and I will get back to you. I mean, who needs the phone, snail mail, even email anymore when a simple DM on social media will do.

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay, and can actually be very useful, and who knows – you just might make a friend, or book a job. Just make sure you’re using it for good.