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December 23, 2023

Speed Date Me

by Tony Gapastione

Looking for love? I wrote a script about it and it became one of our last short films of the year. Our most recent BraveMaker Academy short film is in the can! Which means we made it through production and editing, (post-production), has commenced. All of our BraveMaker short films made in the Academy classes get shown in a special section in our July Film Fest. Mark your calendar for July 11-14th, 2024.

speed date me poster 2

To learn more about our acting school that makes films go to:

Our next short film acting class is slated for February and March 2024. Registrations are now open.

Here’s a look behind the scenes from photography by Wesley Ghiraldello

IMG 4245 scaled
IMG 4282 scaled
IMG 4256 scaled

Huge kudos to our cast: Adrienne, Katie, Barbara, Justin, Jaren, Art, Pooja, Darryl, Meredith and cameo by Amrit (who’s second child was born three days before filming). Thanks to our Director Christine Weatherup, our assistant director Tonya ran the set like a pro, our mentee directors Sandy and Kariah as well as all the crew who came out to volunteer! Evan our DP and Alex our sound recorder! We can’t forget to mention JOSEPH the bearded dragon who has become a fixture at BraveMaker lately.

IMG 4189 scaled

Smiles abound on set, it’s hard not to when you are living your dreams!

IMG 4039 scaled
IMG 4234 scaled
IMG 4253 scaled

Krista learning how to SLATE and mark scenes!

IMG 4378 scaled
IMG 4350 scaled
IMG 4331 scaled
Watch who we are and how we do it! I love making movies and I love working with talented and passionate creators like those in these photos! Here’s to many more!


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Tony Gapastione

Tony Gapastione is a screenwriter/producer and director living in Redwood City, California. He founded and executive directs BraveMaker, a 501c3 nonprofit arts charity dedicated to educate, entertain and create community experiences around justice, diversity and inclusion. He and his wife Wendy have three daughters, one labradoodle and two guinea pigs...all of which end up in his movies in some way. His first feature film, "Last Chance Charlene" will be on VOD, February 2023. Connect with him on Instagram: @tonygapastione
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